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ASKE Solutions provides a wide variety of services to help make your project successful including:

PK Kit design, preparation and instruction

Clinical laboratory kit design, preparation and lab manual

Investigational product final finish :

Dose preparation, packaging and blinding 

Addition of special chemicals to:

  • vacutainers®

  • cyro-vials

  • specialty sampling tubes

Labeling / Blinding of clinical test article or collection containers.

Exchange of expired / expiring test article.

Sample storage
  • investigational product retention

  • Long term biological sample storage

  • product reconciliation and destruction

Pre-trial and mid-trial:

  • labeling

  • re-labeling test articles

  • kit supplies

Training materials:

  • dose administration instructions

  • dose training videos

Consultation services for clinical trial and startup

Protocol development assistance

  • synopsis

  • schedule of events 

  • protocols 

  • Risk mitigation plans 

On-site monitoring of device and pharmaceutical trials 

"Eleventh-hour" preparation when time is critical to enrollment and/or short expiry of product is involved

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Thank you for your interest in ASKE Solutions. We provide critical support services for a wide variety of clinical research projects.


Our team of industry specialists has more than 50 years of combined experience in all aspects of clinical research.


From study design and protocol development to investigational product packaging and study conduct, ASKE Solutions has the solution to help make your project a success.


ASKE Solutions is the missing piece of the puzzle helping to make your project successful.